May 22, 2014

The Cutest Video I’ve Ever Seen, Yet Some Consider It Disgusting: Bulldog Puppy Kisses A Baby

No matter what’s the subject, people tend to split into two or more conflicting Internet Armies and commence cyber war of comments. Right here we have an adorable video of a human baby with a baby bulldog. And just when it seemed nothing could go wrong, it all escalated into all-out battle.

One side says it’s clearly puppy love, and the other says it’s not love – it’s salt. Dogs apparently love the salty taste of skin.

Some claim puppy is spreading the germs, while others say exposure to microbes will help build the kid’s immune system.

There are even some who believe owning a bulldog should be made illegal, as they are suffering breathing problems so “we should let bulldogs ‘die out'”.

All the while I was foolishly thinking it’s only a cute video of a puppy and a baby…


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